Monday, 17 October 2011


We drew a story board of the different steps that we would take in filming our opening sequence:

We also drew out a single shot of the interviews we are going to do. We made sure we set the correct mise-en-scene for each interview:
This is for the interview with Vicki who own Glo Sun Rooms, the mise en scene shows posters and leaflets advertising special offers, the interview will take place in the actual salon.

This is for the interview with Sarah Fenlon. She used to use sun beds until her relative was diagnosed with skin cancer. This will be set in her work place, a hairdressers. The mise-en-scene will show towels, shampoos, conditioners, sink, etc.

This interview is of Lana Quilty,a student who tans to go on nights out. She will be in the common room at her college, behind her there will be pictures of her and her friends on nights out.

The interview with Joe Deer was to be in his office and so the mise-en-scene would consist of office ware such as computers, pens, etc. 

As Mrs Battle is a teacher she was also going to be in her office and so the mise-en-scene will be similar to that of Joe Deer. There will be a computer, books, files, etc.

Our interview with Nicky is going to be set in a consultation room, there is likely to be medical equipment and a computer.

We had to design a set of question for each of our interviewees:

Questions for Nicky (Nurse)
1. What are the risks of UV tanning?
2. Are these risks worse on sun beds than they are in comparison to natural tanning?
3. Have you ever come across anybody with burns from using sun beds whilst you have been working?
4. What advice would you give to those who use sun beds?
5. What are your views on what Nicola Roberts has done concerning the legal age of using sun beds?

Questions for Miss Battle
1. What do you believe are the social reasons for tanning?
2. Do you feel celebrities influenced people’s lives and their feelings towards their own appearance?
3. Why do you think people feel the need to look like celebrities?
4. In your opinion how important are people’s perceptions of themselves?
5. Why do you think tanning has become such a key part of stereotypes and cultures?

Questions for Lana
1. Why do you tan?
2. What products do you use?
3. How does being tanned make you feel?

Questions for Joe Deer
1. Why do you tan?
2. How often do you use fake tan or sun beds?
3. How often do you see clients in your workplace tanning?
4. Does it make you feel more confident?

Questions for Sarah Fenlon
1. Do you tan yourself? If, so how?
2. Would you ever use sun beds? Why/Why not?
3. Do you know the risks of UV tanning?
4. Has your awareness and opinions of sun beds changed since your dad’s illness was diagnosed?
5. What advice would you give to sun bed users?

Questions for Vicki
1. Why did you set up a tanning salon?
2. Why do you think your customers tan?
3. Do you tan personally?
4. What advice do you offer your customers?
5. What restrictions do you have in place?
6. What are your views on the effect Nicola Roberts has had on the tanning industry?
7. Has this affected your business in any way?

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