Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Editing Radio Trailer

To edit our trailer, we used Premier Pro. We combined a music bed, parts of documentary and also recorded a script for ou trailer. The main focus whilst editing our radio trailer was to ensure that the volume of each section suited the tone.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Radio Advert Script

Music Bed: What Makes You Beautiful (instrumental)
Voiceover: Mr Bottom
(.) – Short pause
(1.0) – Longer Pause
_____ - Emphasis

“How far would you go for that bronzed body?

Mrs Battle: Your value is in your looks, and celebrities look good

“With an average of 35 Million holidays means people are browner for longer”

Vicki: Famous people have all got brown golden skin and they see that as a fashion

“But with holiday prices on the rise again, people are turning to other methods to achieve the perfect celeb tan (.)

Vox Pops: “I prefer the pale one, it looks more natural...the brown one where she’s got some colour in her face”

“Between salons and self tan (.) even your average person can glow like a celeb”

Lana: You never really see them pale; they all have good glamorous tans.

“A journey into the world of tanning (1.0) and how important it’s become (.)”

“How far would you glow?”

“Tantalising (1.0) Monday 5th December (.) 8:30 (.) Channel 4”

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Codes and Conventions of Radio Adverts

Today we listened to four different radio adverts adverts and discussed their features in our groups. We then came together as a class to discuss the features and developed a set of codes and conventions which are:
- The music bed relates to the topic.
- Backing music should not take the attention away from the voice over.
- Extracts of the documentary being advertised can be used in the adverts.
- Sound effects link to narrative.
- Narrator and voice over are used.
- Voice over used is the same as the one used in the documentary.
- Voice overs inter-cut throughout the advert and give a hint of what the documentary is about.
- The advert lasts between 30 to 40 seconds.
- The beginning must be clear and exciting to grab audience's attention.
- Ending of advert is always the scheduling and is in a different voice.
- Advert is to intrigue audience, to make them want to see more.
- Radio adverts and print adverts link to each other as well as the documentary to create campaign.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Voiceover Script

The script of our voiceover had to be carefully done to ensure that all the correct information was required and would link the different areas. however, the timing of each different clip was also essential in making sure everything would fit. The voice-over in many ways adds to the tone of the documentary and so it was important in making sure that Mr Bottom used a relaxed but not informal tone.

"In recent difficult financial times, 63% of people have had to give up their holiday abroad and seek other means, such as fake tanning and sun beds, to get that summer glow.

From sun beds to spray on, people have started to tan at work, home, and now even in the gym. So, why is this the case?

With a public split of what looks good, the debate between perfectly pale or brown and bronzed still stands.

But what is the influence tanned celebrities have on the public, and why do people need to look like their idols? "

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Editing of Documentary

As we our creating oru dcoumentary on Premier Pro, this is where all our editing takes place. We can split shots, alter their tempo, add sound effects etc, this will help add a professional touch to our documentary.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Edit Decision List

This is our edit decision list, we wrote down exactly what changes we made to each of the shots that we took.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Tap Log Sheet

Our tape log sheet shows a list of all the shots we took, their lengths and whether we thought they were sucessful or not. If they were not, they were re-filmed.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Filming Cutaways of Glo Sun Rooms

After watching through our documentary parts, we realised that our interview with Vicki did not have enough mise-en-scene. So today I went to Glo Sun Rooms to film walking in, however to an accident the previous night the shop was closed. So I improvised by filming the sign. I panned across so that the viewer would be able to understand what 'Glo' is.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Interview with Lana Quilty

This morning we filmed our interview with Lana Quilty, who tans when she is going on a night out. We filmed this in the common room of our college where she sits with her friends. Due to lack of time, it was essential that this take went perfectly.
We asked her the questions:

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Filming Voxpops - Retake

Today during our lunch and frees, we travelled to our local supermarket Asda. After discussing our work with the manager of Asda, he agreed to let us film voxpops for an hour just outside the entrance of their store on the understanding that we would not be of bother to the customers.

This was a lot more successful than our last two attempts, and we got all the footage we required asking these questions:
1) Do you tan and if so why?
2) Which do you prefer? (Showing them two images of Nicola Roberts. One pale and the other tanned)

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Interview with Sarah Fenlon - Retake

Today we went to Jan's Barbers, where Sarah Fenlon works. We changed the positioning and palcement of Sarah, so that it is more obvious what her occupation is.It was also slightly brighter.
The problems with the first interview were the lighting and the wording of the answers. So upon arrival, I spoke to Sarah and asked if she could reword the question within her answer. Whilst filming, whenever the question was not answered correctly we made sure that we stopped and politely asked if we could re-do the question and alter the beginning of the answer.

The questions we asked Sarah were:
1. Do you tan yourself? If, so how?
2. Would you ever use sun beds? Why/Why not?
3. Do you know the risks of UV tanning?
4. Has your awareness and opinions of sun beds changed since your dad’s illness was diagnosed?
5. What advice would you give to sun bed users?

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Filming our Title Sequence - Retake 3

In today's lesson we simply did the same as we did yesterday. We used liquid latex to stencil the letters and then peeled it off after it had dried. After watching this back on the computer, it looked much better and the word 'Tantalising'. We decided that this one suited and that it was the one we would use as part of our title sequence.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Filming our Title Sequence - Retake 2

We used liquid latex on a human arm to stencil the letters. After this had dried, we sprayed the arm with spray tan and waited for it to dry. We then did stop motion of peeling off the letters, one by one. We then zoomed in on the word so that is more clear. However, it did not fit the screen properly. Seeing as the liquid latex had worked so well, we decided we would simply re do it tomorrow but start further down the arm so that it could fit on the screen, whilst still looking like an arm.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Filming Voxpops - Retake

We went into Liverpool and set up our camera and tripod. However, there were very few people with the time to spare or whom were willing to be filmed. As a result of this, we only managed to get one voxpop which could not be used as all voxpops should be filmed in the same area. We are going to have another try at filming voxpops in a different area where there is likely to be more people at a more suitable time.

We were in Liverpool to ask the same questions as last time:
1) Do you tan and if so why?
2) Which do you prefer? (Showing them two images of Nicola Roberts. One pale and the other tanned)

Friday, 4 November 2011

Filming Voxpops

During today's lesson, our group went to Liscard in order to film our voxpops. However after several attempts at asking for people to answer the questions, it began to rain. As a result of this, we figured people would not want to stop to asnwer questions in the rain. We asked the manager of the Cherry Tree Centre if we could film in there, but he said we were unable to without permission off of the tead teacher. We are going to make another attempt at filming voxpops over in Liverpool.

We are using two voxpops:
1) Do you tan and if so why?
2) Which do you prefer? (Showing them two images of Nicola Roberts. One pale and the other tanned)

Filming our Title Sequence - Retake

After deciding to change our title sequence, we went and made a stencil. We also had to purhcase a tan that was a spray and also tanning removal wipes. In todays lesson, we used the stencil on a human arm and slowly sprayed the tan on the arm. We waited for it to dry and then slowly removed the stencil. However, the spray had soaked into the stencil and blurred the word making the un-readable.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Filming our Title Sequence

Today we made our first attempt at filming our title sequence. For this we took three different bottles of tan and did a stop motion of them moving and creating the word tantalising as they moved.
However after we played it back on the computer, we realised that it did not look right and so we decided to change our ideas. We decided that we would spray the word tantalising on an arm. To make this look more realistic, we are going to use a human arm.