Monday, 28 November 2011

Radio Advert Script

Music Bed: What Makes You Beautiful (instrumental)
Voiceover: Mr Bottom
(.) – Short pause
(1.0) – Longer Pause
_____ - Emphasis

“How far would you go for that bronzed body?

Mrs Battle: Your value is in your looks, and celebrities look good

“With an average of 35 Million holidays means people are browner for longer”

Vicki: Famous people have all got brown golden skin and they see that as a fashion

“But with holiday prices on the rise again, people are turning to other methods to achieve the perfect celeb tan (.)

Vox Pops: “I prefer the pale one, it looks more natural...the brown one where she’s got some colour in her face”

“Between salons and self tan (.) even your average person can glow like a celeb”

Lana: You never really see them pale; they all have good glamorous tans.

“A journey into the world of tanning (1.0) and how important it’s become (.)”

“How far would you glow?”

“Tantalising (1.0) Monday 5th December (.) 8:30 (.) Channel 4”

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