Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Voiceover Script

The script of our voiceover had to be carefully done to ensure that all the correct information was required and would link the different areas. however, the timing of each different clip was also essential in making sure everything would fit. The voice-over in many ways adds to the tone of the documentary and so it was important in making sure that Mr Bottom used a relaxed but not informal tone.

"In recent difficult financial times, 63% of people have had to give up their holiday abroad and seek other means, such as fake tanning and sun beds, to get that summer glow.

From sun beds to spray on, people have started to tan at work, home, and now even in the gym. So, why is this the case?

With a public split of what looks good, the debate between perfectly pale or brown and bronzed still stands.

But what is the influence tanned celebrities have on the public, and why do people need to look like their idols? "

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