Friday, 14 October 2011

Preliminary Task

Opening Sequence:



Final Product:

The feedback we were given was very helpful in telling us what we needed to work better on next time.
During the interview, the incorrect positioning of the microphone meant that the interviewee was extremely quiet and it was very hard to hear her. This could have been easily fixed if we had simply re-filmed the interview with the microphone much closer to the interviewee and also if we had done it in an empty room as there was quite a lot of background noise. I know now that when filming for our own documentary, I should always test the sound levels before filming the whole interview. We also did not use any cutaways and so there were lots of jump cuts, this is not in any way professional and does not follow the codes and conventions of a documentary. For the real product, I will ensure there are lots of interesting cutaways that avoid any jump cuts as this will entertain the audience more.
         However our feedback also said that our use of mise-en-scene ere very good as they linked to the topic and what was being said in the interview and our audience also said they enjoyed our opening titles which clearly stated the title of the documentary whilst using the topic. Another aspect that was greatly praised was the choice of music bed, as this is a popular song our audience all knew it and enjoyed it. However, it faded in and out and random times and was louder than the interviewee. Next time we will ensure that the music bed is quieter than the interviewee as to not over power them and also that the song does not come in at random times. I think that revising and looking into the codes and conventions would be very efficient in producing a good product that is interesting and entertaining.

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