Thursday, 1 December 2011

Codes and Conventions of Print Adverts

In our lesson today, we discussed in groups the possible codes and conventions of print adverts. We then developed a set:
- Main image is strong and anchors the narrative.
- The central image sums up the narrative.
- The Channel 4 logo is always on the right hand side and is also 3D.
- The colours use are the same on the text and the image.
- There are 3 main colours used: black, red and white.
- The title always has a block around it.
- The schedule is also placed with the title, and sometimes have a positioning statement.
- Such adverts are published more in lower class newspapers.
- Adverts can be both landscape or portrait.
- Text is kept to a minimum to avoid boredom.
- They have catchy slogans that link to thew documentary.
- The advert as a whole shows an insight of what the documentary is about.

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